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coq-of-ocaml translates the OCaml files one by one. It uses Merlin to get the typing environment of each file. Thus you should first have a project which works with Merlin. This is generally the case for a project compiled with dune.

Minimal example

Create a file

type 'a tree =
| Leaf of 'a
| Node of 'a tree * 'a tree

let rec sum tree =
match tree with
| Leaf n -> n
| Node (tree1, tree2) -> sum tree1 + sum tree2



You should get a file Example.v representing the corresponding version in Coq:

Require Import CoqOfOCaml.CoqOfOCaml.
Require Import CoqOfOCaml.Settings.

Inductive tree (a : Set) : Set :=
| Leaf : a -> tree a
| Node : tree a -> tree a -> tree a.

Arguments Leaf {_}.
Arguments Node {_}.

Fixpoint sum (tree : tree Z) : Z :=
match tree with
| Leaf n => n
| Node tree1 tree2 => Z.add (sum tree1) (sum tree2)

Command line arguments

The general usage pattern is the following:

coq-of-ocaml [options]

The options are:

  • -output file: specify the name of the Coq .v file to output (by default the capitalized OCaml file name with a .v extension)
  • -json-mode: produce the list of error messages in JSON format; useful for post-processing