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🦀 Rust development

We help you build your products by offering Rust development services. We work as contractors only. Some of our developers have more than 10 years of experience in software development, either in embedded systems or in Web applications (front and back). We strive to follow strict schedule and fulfill customer requirements.

let name = if name_length > 0 {
let name_slice: &mut [u8] = &mut account_data[position..position + name_length];
let name = String::from_utf8(name_slice.to_vec())
.map_err(|_| CandyError::CouldNotRetrieveConfigLineData)?;
} else {

We focus on software quality. As an example of project, we work on security tools for the Rust language with the Rust verification project. The goal is to enable formal verification with the Coq proof system 🐓 on Rust. This is a way to exhaustively test a program against a specification writing mathematical proofs, to make sure the code is sound and with no bugs.

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