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🐫 OCaml development

We offer our OCaml (or Reason/ReScript/Melange) development services. We work as contractors and our unique rate is $10,000 per month all inclusive. Our work can be terminated without notice period on your side. Some of our developers have more than 10 years of experience in software development, either in embedded systems or in Web applications (front and back). We strive to follow strict schedule and fulfill all customer requirements.

  return (LetVar (None, x, typ_params, e1, e2))
| Match (e, dep_match, cases, is_with_default_case) ->
let* cases =
|> (fun (p, existential_cast, e) ->
let* e = smart_return operator e in

An example of our work is the development of coq-of-ocaml, a tool to translate OCaml code to the Coq proof system 🐓. We use it to formally verify the implementation of the Tezos crypto-currency ꜩ, composed of 100,000 lines of OCaml. This project is named Coq Tezos of OCaml. As such, we also offer formal verification services on OCaml, and can both develop and verify a project.

You can contact us by email at ✉️ or schedule a call on ☎️.

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